Monday, August 4, 2008


We thought that we should blog our sex lives, which is, to say the least, extraordinary. We want to narrate our story here. Why? Well, firstly, it turns us on. What we do, turns us on, and sharing, sexually, even in this space, turns us on. But also, we think it is interesting, liberating. And who knows, we may even meet some playmates. Yay!! We expect condemnation, judgement, for sure. Envy? Perhaps!

Dylan and Tamsyn will both make entries on our blog, so the voices you will hear may be his, or it may be hers. You will know who is speaking to you. In the three months that we have known each other, it has been WILD! We will first, in the past tense, relate our story, so that you are up to speed. Then, when our brief (but very intense) history is accounted for, we will journal our activities here. Join us, share in our fun. And perhaps, if you dare, tell us your stories. For now, let's set the scene ....

Dylan and Tamsyn met through the Internet. He has been divorced for three years or so, and has just come out of a serious relationship. His ex cheated on him. That in itself is not extraordinary. What is that they were, well, swingers? They never liked that term, it conjured up images of indiscrete key-swopping at dingy parties. They preferred to call themselves 'players'. The fact is, they had sex with other people, mostly in each others' company. They also did what is referred to as MMF (Male-Male -Female). So, Dylan was done with that relationship, and for 8 months or so dated many many women who he had met from an internet dating service. He had sex with several of them, but no relationship ensued. He never wanted to be serious again. Until he met Tamsyn ...

Tamsyn was (and is) in the process of a bitter divorce. She too dated prolifically from the dating site, but only had sex with one guy. Probably a bit more discerning than Dylan? Hehehehe!! Nevertheless, unhappy marriage, unhappy divorce. Her nature: sweet, sexily innocent. Hmmmm, however, for a long time, she has harboured these thoughts ... thoughts of sex, lots of sex, sex with strangers, sex for the sake of sex.

So these two souls meet, breakfast at a posh restaurant. They are imemdiately taken up by each other. In her mind, he is luminescent, he glows, he has passion. In his mind, she intelligent, sassy, beautiful, and very very sexy. They meet soon again, hot passion infuses them, the sex is spectacular, mind blowing.

The scene is set for the story to begin .....


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